So, what's a #coffeerehab?
A most fair and reasonable question. We break it down below.


It's a case of simple math - demand for coffee worldwide is fast beginning to outstrip supply.

With climate change issues, crop pests such as the coffee borer beetle, coffee rust (fungus that attacks coffee crops) and an increasing global population... we could be facing a significant world coffee shortage by as early as 2050.

Coffee roasters need to start looking at ways to improve sustainability and increase yield - from crop to cup.

We reckon that by adhering to a few key principles, we can go a long way towards making coffee go further ...and go a long way toward closing the coffee loop.

Welcome to #coffeerehab

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for cafe owners

G'Bros #coffeerehab roasting efficiencies:
Our café blend recipes are generally darker than what you see in the micro-roaster scene.

There are two main reasons for this:

1. By roasting to darker profiles we achieve better carry and cut through milk. This means less coffee (grams) in the basket for every shot poured. We literally make our coffee go further, creating economic benefits for you the café operator.

2. By roasting larger batches with precision control - we minimize roast loss and maximise coffee quality & consistency.

Both of these practices also keep coffee waste to a minimum (through smaller dosing in the basket) and reduce carbon emissions.

We won't make you live beyond your coffee means:
Too often café owners find themselves behind the eight-ball with over or under spec'd equipment.

We work with to make sure your equipment setup is the right fit for you - we want you in for the long haul!

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for the consumer

#coffeerehab = sustainability:
For the coffee drinker, not only will we do all we can to deliver a quality experience in the cup - we'll also strive to deliver the experience through sustainable methods.

This starts with how and where our coffee is sourced... - we make sure coffee farmers get a fair and stable price and that all of our green coffees are harvested using ethical practices with minimal impact on the environment.

...and (almost) ends with the beverage in your cup.
'So what are you doing about coffee waste after I've had my coffee?'
This is a great question and one that is relevant right now more-than-ever.

With one billion takeaway coffee cups ending up in landfill each year - the Australian coffee scene needs to find ways to reduce this huge waste footprint.

We're doing our bit to tackle this challenge head-on through:

1. Coffee Grounds Collection: We are on the verge of rolling out a pilot coffee grounds collection program in partnership with some of our cafes.

This means we intercept spent coffee grounds before they find their way to landfill & pass them onto other suppliers for reuse - coffee grounds are a great food source for mushrooms, a nutrient-rich component of compost and fertilizer and you can even use it to make bio-fuel.

2. Partnering with coffee waste re-use Startups. We're very pleased to be an avid supporter and product development partner for new Melbourne Startup - Zero Impact Co. Zero Impact's mission is to 'bring value to the stuff we throw away' starting with the reuse of coffee grounds.

3. #hackoffeethon
In October 2017, Griffiths Bros held the very first #hackoffeethon. The event is a two day ideation hack focusing on coffee sustainability. Zero Impact Co's founder Max Middleweek was one half of the winning team and his used his learnings from #hackoffeethon as a catalyst for his Startup venture.

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The light coffee, large dose problem.

The trend toward lightly roasted single origin coffees has seen the coffee-shot dose increase substantially in the last 5 years (up to 28gms in some cases).

In the interests of coffee sustainability & reducing coffee waste - we believe it's time to rethink this approach.

Our blends are specifically engineered to hold their flavor cut beautifully through milk using the least amount of coffee, making our coffee go further & reducing coffee waste.


Consistency is not a dirty word.

The term 'specialty coffee' is now a heavily diluted one. We believe high-quality premium coffee is the best way forward for delivering a consistent coffee experience in the cup.

All of our premium coffee's are ethically & sustainably sourced - meaning we ensure coffee farmers are paid fairly, & that our customers & consumers alike get good value for their coffee spend.

Couple this with our elite Brambati roasting equipment & coffee lab analytics - & you have a range of coffees that are reliable & deliver on flavor.


Coffee and technology.

Coffee meet tech. Tech meet coffee.

Whether it's roasting hardware/software - or app based technology, we're on a mission to bring tech and coffee closer together.

We've designed our roastery to remain fully upgradeable for years to come. This will allow us to keep reducing our environmental impact footprint & carbon emissions without compromising on roast quality.

We also regularly evaluate how new mobile & digital tech can be applied to affect positive change across the coffee industry.

From crop. To cup. 


Re-use, Re-think.
Closing the loop.

We like a challenge. We're looking at a number of ways to minimise landfill - and maximise the reuse of coffee waste.

We believe this starts on our own patch. We've developed fully recyclable coffee tin packaging for our retail products and are actively partnering with organisations who are finding real and tangible uses for coffee waste.

Every year, around 1 billion takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill in Australia alone. We're pleased to be able to offer our cafes and online store customers HuskeeCup. HuskeeCup are a Sydney based company who are ingenuously producing reuseable, dishwasher safe coffee cups - made from coffee husk! #closingtheloop