About Griffiths Bros

A little look at our big history.
griffiths bros through the years.

We've grown up with Australia, we've seen the coffee landscape take shape and reshape itself time and again. There's one thing has remained constant throughout - our love of coffee.


We know our stuff

Ever since brothers James & John founded Griffiths Bros. in Melbourne way back in 1879 we've been diligently honing our craft. We've moved with the times and have one of Australia's most advanced and sustainable roasting facility setups at our disposal. Our experience (knowledge), & our youth (our team & tech), put us in a unique place in the Aus coffee landscape.

We understand the excitement & challenges that come along with opening a new café - and we know what it takes to deliver good, consistent coffee.

Our range of coffee's has something for every palate - from exotic single origins - through to blends that carry beautifully through milk. We also roast a number of Australian Organic Certified & Fairtrade certified coffee's & have an ever-increasing focus on sustainable in-house roasting practices.

So, whether you're the funky café barista, home coffee enthusiast or just a coffee fan in general - Griffiths Bros, have something for you.

Let's talk coffee.


We're a 139 y.o. startup!

We get it. Chances are you've read through the previous column of text & are thinking to yourself "...so, they've been around for a baijllion years - big deal! They're still just like every other coffee roaster at the end of the day". 

With some 0,000 coffee roasters currently plying their trade across the country & a new café opening every other week - we can't blame you for being a little picky.

So how do we distinguish ourselves from other players?

...in a nutshell - we're kinda like a 139 year old startup. We take all of the learnings & knowledge of our years in coffee roasting & blend this (pardon the pun) with smart, sustainable startup thinking & strategies.

This formula allows us to deliver exceptional roast quality & volume today, & for years to come.

..there's also a high likelihood that you have read a similar paragraph to the previous one on other coffee roasters websites - but we do things a bit differently.

All of our energy, action and direction is centred around 3 key pillars;

We're committed to providing high-quality product that is ethically and sustainably sourced.

We aim to minimize our environmental impact & maximise our social impact in any way we can. 

We're continually upgrading our roasting equipment (hardware) and believe that better use & application of available tech can bring positive sustainable change to the coffee industry.


Premium Coffee

Good coffee is at the heart of everything we do. It's our first thought in the morning & our last though at night - we just love coffee.

Having lived & breathed it everyday, we understand the small details, the ins & outs of Premium coffee roast-craft. We know how to get the best from our beans.

But there's a bigger picture here. Climate change and deforestation mean that the amount of what is traditionally termed specialty coffee (coffee's that are cup scored to 82.5+) is dwindling.

We've also seen a number of marketing campaigns carrying the term 'specialty' become par-for-the-course in mainstream branding & advertising. In short 'specialty' is now a highly-diluted word.

You can read through our #coffeerehab initiative about how we are facing the very real challenge of a global shortage of good quality coffee by 2050.

We believe coffee roasters need to start thinking on their feet around how to tackle this issue.

Through our darker roast profiles, & through sourcing the best Premium coffees - (that sit just below the 'real' definition of specialty) we can make our coffee go further, & pass on economic benefits to coffee farmer, café owner &  consumer alike. 

It all adds up to more environmentally and economically sustainable eco-system.

Learn more about our roasting & sourcing here.



We're on a journey towards 'closed-loop-coffee'.

What does this mean? It means we're implementing a number of measures to become one of Australia's most sustainable roasters from crop-to-cup.

Sustainability is often defined as "The capacity to endure". For us, sustainability means minimizing our environmental impact, maximizing our social impact & creating economic sustainability for coffee growers, café owners & coffee consumers.

We're focused on doing what we can to reduce carbon emissions at our own roastery, finding viable and legitimate re-use for coffee waste, & using a little disruptive thinking & clever minds from inside & outside the coffee industry to tackle the bigger picture of coffee supply chain challenges through #hackoffeethon (the worlds first coffee & sustainability focused hack).

And we're also about to become bee-keepers!

Check out our #coffeerehab initiative for more detail on what we're doing to close the loop.


Technology & Innovation

Technology represents a huge opportunity for the coffee industry as a whole.

For some reason, coffee and tech have become estranged - we think its time to change this relationship.

Best-in-class roasting hardware:
We use Brambati and Probat roasting, green-bean cleaning, & de-husking equipment to ensure quality & consistency in every roast. We will continue to upgrade our kit as roasting technology advances.

Learn more about our roastery setup here.

The Lab - Coffee batch analytics:
We use Agtron colour assessment, green moisture content checks & bean density analytics on every roast to make sure our green & brown beans meet our quality standards.

Learn more about our coffee quality lab setup here.

Apps, hacks & coffee waste startups:
We use apps like Asana & Trello to improve our in-house workflow & minimize our paper use. 

2017 saw the foundation of #hackoffeethon - the worlds first sustainability focused coffee and tech hack. The hack has been a catalyst for a number of our sustainable initiatives & struck a chord with all who attended also caught the attention of Australia's hack & startup scenes.

#hackoffeethon will continue to grow and evolve - with version 2.0 taking place across Australia in 2019.

Learn more about #hackoffeethon here.

Coffee waste re-use: Zero Impact Energy Partnership:
Max Middleweek - one half of the winning team from our 2017 #hackoffeethon has begun his own startup journey through zeroimpact.co

Zero Impact are developing products using coffee husk and spent coffee grounds to close-the-loop on coffee waste. 

Learn more about the work we are doing with Zero Impact here.


OASIS Pulverised Coffee

We roast and pulverize Australia's favourite Greek Style coffee from our Melbourne Roastery.

First established in 1969 - OASIS Coffee joined forces with Grififths Bros around 1980. Since then it has continued to be enjoyed by pulverized coffee fans across the country …& you can find it in your local Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets.

For more visit oasiscoffee.com.au


Just Fair Organic Coffee

Just Fair Organic coffee is Australian Organic and Fairtrade certified. This means it is GMO and chemical free and purchased at a fair price for coffee farmers.

Available in a tasty single origin from Papua New Guinea and a Central & South American blend (Honduras & Peru) - you can find Just Fair in your local Drakes & IGA.

For more on Just Fair visit the Facebook page at facebook.com/JustFairCoffee


Pink Lady Organic Coffee

Awesome coffee. Awesome cause!

Developed in partnership with Breast Cancer Network Australia - One dollar from every tin of Pink Lady Coffee sold goes directly back to BCNA.

Pink Lady Organic coffee is Australian Organic certified - meaning it is completely GMO and chemical free.

You can enjoy this delicious coffee as a single origin or blend.

Find out more on Pink Lady Coffee Organic here. 


Our community & social impact

Coffee is a social thing, it brings people together. In line with this ideaology - we endeavor to give back to the community through the charities we support.

On a national level we support Breast Cancer Network Australia; who do some amazing work supporting Australians affected by breast cancer.

For more on BCNA visit bcna.org.au

We also fundraise & provide barista training for Melbourne City Mission who provide support, guidance and personal development services for disadvantaged youth.

For more on Melbourne City Mission visit melbournecitymission.org.au